First Nations Helping First Nations

Aboriginal Home Inspector

As a member of Oneida of the Thames First Nation. I take pride in who I am and where I come. It is a great achievement in my life to have the opportunity to bring the knowledge and training I have received over the years and share it with our First Nation Communities.

 I understand first hand how housing conditions differ On-Reserve which is why I have dedicated 10+ years in the Construction industry and I am proud to say I am now a Certified Home Inspector. I can help find solutions to the common issues First Nation Communities face everyday.

 It would be an honor to give back and help homeowners feel proud of their home and rest assure they are living in a safe healthy environment for years to come.

Home Maintenance Workshops

We have Specialized Home Maintenance Workshops geared toward Ontario Work Clients, Housing Department Loan Applicants, and Independent Senior Living. 

We provide 1 and 2 day workshops on proper home maintenance, rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, (when it comes to Home Maintenance), and toxins in the home.

A Portion of our workshops are Hands-On this helps our clients feel confident in their home maintenance projects.

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Serving First Nation Communities in Ontario

Our inspections meet the Standards of Practice set by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI.)

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