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Home Inspection


  •  Roof and Components
  •       Exterior Cladding & Structure  
  •  Attic, Insulation & Ventilation 
  •  Electrical System 
  •  Plumbing System 
  •  Heating System 
  •  Cooling System 
  •        Interior Structure  
  •  Built-In Appliances 
  •  Fireplaces & Wood Stoves
  •  Basement/Crawlspace
  •  Attached/Detached Garage 

Ancillary Services

  • Mould Inspection – A complete visual inspection of the entire home from basement to attic for signs of water intrusion and Mould growth. Moisture readings will be collected throughout the home. 

-Two indoor air samples and one outdoor reference sample will be collected. Should visible Mould growth be identified one surface sample (“swab”) will be collected. The results of the sample and investigation will be summarized in a report.

  • Log Home Inspection- A complete inspection of the entire log home with particular focus on the log portions looking for conditions such as settling, checking or splitting, wood rotting, and other various conditions.

  • Septic (Bed) Tank Evaluation – Inspection of septic system function and capacity. Advice is provided on proper use, care and maintenance. Evaluations are available on new or existing systems. A visual inspection of the interior of the drainage piping using specialized cameras to identify problems.

  • Wood Destroying Organisms/ Insects Inspection –investigation of the interior and exterior of the home looking for evidence of termites or termite activity as well as other wood destroying organism.

  • Thermal Imaging Inspection – The inspection consists of a thermal scan which provides both infrared and digital images to identify hidden issues in the home, including concealed moisture problems, overheating breaker panels and much more.

  • Water Quality Evaluation – A visual assessment of the Well or Cistern to verify that it is functioning properly. Clients are provided with a certificate of portability. The inspection also consists of a bacterial water sample analysis. Chemical Water Sampling is also available. (Septic Tank Evaluation can be bundled with Water Quality Evaluation.)

  • Commercial Building Inspection – An audit of the commercial building condition, which outlines the development of efficient, reliable and affordable methods for current and future repairs, is mandatory for keeping a building in adequate condition. This allows property owners to plan their budget. (Coming Soon.)

  • Aging in Place Inspection- “Aging in Place” describes a senior homeowner or physically disabled individual’s ability to remain comfortably and safely in their home. This is a detailed inspection that helps the homeowner, find out what it will take to continue to live in place for the next 15-20 years without sacrificing life style, safety, and comfort.

  • 11th Month Builders Warranty Inspections- The 11th month is the last month where the builder is still responsible for 99% of the defects in the home. For many homeowners, this is the last chance to avoid thousands of dollars of repairs due to poor construction quality. 

  • Multi Family Home Inspections - A multifamily home inspection consists of a Standard home inspection with thermal imaging included in the package. Dwellings include the Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex and Townhomes (Rowhouses). 

  • Manufactured (Mobile) Inspection- It is important to inspect manufactured homes after they're delivered on a parcel of land and before they’re moved to another location to ensure their safety and integrity, especially after sitting for a long period of time.

  • Follow Up Inspections-  A follow up inspection is necessary to confirm the removal of any health hazards to confirm the proper steps of remediation have been taken.

  • Building Consulting Services-  Consulting Services are available for problem solving specific housing issues; and issues regarding your home and discuss the best way to move forward.  

The Inspection Reports

We provide your report the same day as your inspection via email along with a delivered hard copy that we go over with you. All reports are presented in a binder with other useful information for your convenience.

Check out the downloads section to view a sample inspection report and more!

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